A note about a thing you don’t need to worry about and a technology you don’t need to use.

Chuck Schumer has imaginary friends

With a brief explanation of why you absolutely should

The first in a limited series about what brand & communications strategists should do *before* they write a creative brief

Something I noticed on my way to a site visit this week. Cool scaffolding! Who knew!

Originally posted on May 9, 2011 at www.prettylittlehead.com

To understand the conditions for more meaningful civic participation, we need to get off The Ladder.

This post should be short. But it’s way, way long.

Measuring the effectiveness of protest movements

My view of the 2017 NYC Women’s March

Check out these awesome illustrations from Vinay!

Farrah Bostic

Founder of The Difference Engine @DifferenceNGN. I listen to humans so I can help businesses all over the world make important brand & business decisions.

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