Going far, together.

What I’ve learned from teaching, and what that means for the way I think about teens protesting guns

I teach masters students the principles and methods of design and design thinking. Many of them are or aspire to be entrepreneurs. They come from many backgrounds and countries and experiences. They are all adults.

I’m thinking about this today because of this post from Dave Pell.

He says, of the students speaking out after the shooting in Parkland, Florida last week,

Emma, don’t get tired. Don’t move on. Do better than us.

This is a prayer I think many of us are saying these days. But the design teacher in me thinks,

“How might we help Emma stay engaged, energized and focused?”

These students don’t need us to tell them how to feel, or what’s right or what’s wrong. They know all that. They don’t even really need us to tell them how to speak in front of a crowd, or to a camera, or how to use social media. They — and their journalism and debate teachers — have that nailed.

If you’re an experienced campaigner, pollster, lobbyist, civil servant, or politician, how might you be their teachers?

And by that I do not mean, how can you conform them to your own way of doing things, to your expectations of what is possible…

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